Concurrency CS&P 2013SPECIfication
and Programming
International Workshop,
25-27 September 2013, Warsaw, Poland

CS&P 2013 Proceedings

The proceedings of 22nd International Workshop on Concurrency, Specification and Programming are published electronically in two versions.

The on-line version

The on-line version  of the CS&P 2013 Proceedings is published as Volume 1032 of the CEUR Workshop Proceedings and is available at:

The on-line version contains all material as well as the bibliographic information (BibTeX) needed to cite your work.

The Organisers submitted the CS&P 2013 Proceedings to on-line indexing services such as DBLP and Web of Science, for inclusion in their databases.

The book version

The (electronic) book version of the CS&P 2013 Proceedings is published by the Białystok University of Technology (ISBN 978-83-62582-42-6) and will be provided to participants of CS&P 2013 on CDs and/or USB drives.